Talmac Machine Tools offers a variety of specialised services that are geared towards providing our clientele with the finest quality machine tools, at competitive prices.
We offer specialised sales of new and used machine tools, press brake tooling, as well as the reconditioning of machines to ensure that they offer our clients the best in reliability, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Sales of New Machine Tools
Our team of specialist consultants can assist you with the purchase of new machine tools for your business.
We offer a wide spectrum of solutions including punching tools, lathes, bandsaws, welding solutions, milling machines, plate rolls and more.
Our out-of-the-box solutions offer exceptional quality and reliability all at an affordable cost.

Sales of Press Brake Tooling
For exceptional uniformity, efficiency and effectiveness when shaping and bending sheet and plate metal, we offer a selection of highly specialised hydraulic press brake tooling machines for purchase.
These solutions are robust, functional and designed to increase the efficiency of manufacturing tasks in any industry.

Reconditioning of Machines
When your machine tools incur damage overtime, either through wear and tear, accidents or the ravages of their working environment, our team at Talmac Machine Tools offers highly effective reconditioning services to bring them back into peak condition.

Sales of Used Machines
Our team of machine tool specialists also offer top-condition used machines for sale. Reconditioned to provide your business with the reliability and effectiveness that you have come to expect from Talmac Machine Tools, our selection of used machines offers unbeatable cost-effectiveness, without having to sacrifice on operational quality.

Welding Services
Talmac Machine Tools also offers specialised in-house welding services through the provision of a range of welding methods to meet the expectations and requirements of our valued clients. We let the quality of our welding services speak for itself with on-site and in-house demos of welding machines; allowing our clients to engage with our services with confidence.

Contact Talmac for Details
If you would like to know more about our specialised services relating to machine tools, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Talmac Machine Tools for details.